• I’ve had two surgeries with Dr Jimenez. First surgery was a full hip replacement using a titanium joint. The second was a knee arthroscopy. Both were a success and the staff went above and beyond my expectations, especially Chelsea his nurse assistant. I highly recommend Dr Jimenez, he is by far the best surgeon! Not to mention he is really nice. -Andrea V. 2.2018

• I have had two hips replaced, a fracture pelvis healed and a torn shoulder fixed and replaced by Dr Jimenez. Found him to be very knowledgeable and progressive he his approach. He is very straightforward and at times can come off as being brusque, but he skills are unquestionably the best. -1.2018

• I fell off a ladder while changing lights in the worship area ceiling of a church severely shattering my ankle. Dr. Jimenez did an amazing job of rebuilding my ankle. It took two surgeries and a lot of therapy, but 5 months, I am 79 and now walking again normally without a cane. He did a fantastic job and I highly recommend him. His office and staff were very efficient and easy to work with. -Donald 12.2017


• In 2002 I had a horrific fall that shattered my hip socket. The emergency doctor said Dr. Matthew Jimenez is the only doctor he’d recommend. He was right! Soon I was back to my active lifestyle The accident did result in a loss of cartilage; so in 2015 I had my hip replaced. Again Dr. J. did his magic – in fact, my golf game improved! 🙂 He has an outstanding medical staff! They are there with support, before, during and after surgery. Thank you Dr. Jimenez and Team! YOU ROCK! -JM12.2017

• At 74 and working full time, I was suffering with two severely arthritic hips and walking with extreme difficulty. Wanting a surgeon who speaks plainly and expert at what they do, I elected to go with Dr. Jimenez as he is considered a pioneer in the anterior approach hip replacement method. Once he made an assessment of my condition, he fully explained the operative and recovery process. He and his expert staff were able to quickly schedule the surgeries, as well as expedite the necessary appointments. – LD12.2017

• I was first introduced to Dr. Jimenez when he rebuilt my husbands leg and hip after a terrible motor vehicle accident. I was so impressed with his abilities as a trauma surgeon that when it came time for me to repair my meniscus tears in both of my knees Dr. Jimenez was my choice. He is compassionate, confident, extremely capable, and most of all the staff that surrounds him are extremely professional at all times. I had no pain post surgery and was able to start rehab slowly right away. –Colleen 12.2017

• Dr M Jimenez successfully repaired my acetabular fracture after I had been previously told by another orthopedic surgeon that it was not repairable. -12.2017

• I was refered to Dr. Jimenez by another specialist who didnt think he could help me, and I am so glad I went to him. Dr. Jimenez told me exactly what to expect with my knee replacement. He and his fantastic staff answered any questions that I or my wife had about the surgery and recovery. It feels incredible to not have the persistent pain in my knee anymore. –Tom 12.2017

• Excellent surgeon! He answered all my questions and clearly explained the procedure and what to expect. I had a displaced spiral fracture in my right humerus bone after a bike accident. Dr. Jimenez (and my PT staff) gave me the tools I needed to make an excellent recovery. –Alice 11.2017

• Dr.J is a wonderful surgeon . He took care of an injury to my leg last March. I was downhearted when he said 12 weeks ,no load bearing and felt that was too conservative. I followed his instructions and was very happy to find that I have full recovery of my leg.. It was worth the time spent in a wheelchair.I have no after effects from the surgery and the scar is barely visible. He is the best.Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and you will recover to your fullest capability. –Patricia 11.2017

• I was in a terrible motorcycle accident on May 31, 2017. My right leg, arm and foot were crushed. Dr. Jimenez performed 2 surgeries on me and I wouldn’t be where I am today (driving, working, walking with a cane) without him and his staff, primarily Chelsea. They instill confidence that things will work out and they help with the game plan to pull it off. I give Dr. Jimenez the highest marks possible. Listen to what he says, trust him, do what you are instructed and things will work out. –Michael 11.2017

• After a very complicated break/fracture of my tibia I was referred to Dr. Jimenez by my local surgeon who had already operated without success .I was afraid I would never walk again . Dr. Jimenez was able to put my leg back together . It is nice and straight and I can walk and drive . Bless Dr.Jimenez and his staff . –Nancy 11.2017

• When I talked with Dr. Jimenez about the bone on bone condition of my knees, he advised that I have both replaced and in the same surgery. I followed his advice. Most surgeons would not have advised that. I’m glad he did. He did the surgery and it was very successful.. He not only has the surgical skills, he has the emotional sensitivity to calm a scared patient. He later replaced my right hip. He made my legs the same length after an earlier doctor had made my left leg longer. Thanks. –Victor 11.2017

• Dr. Jimenez operated on my broken left elbow in February. He did an absolutely great job. I’m 90 years old and have full use of that arm. I would recommend him without hesitation. -Georgia 11.2017

• Dr. Jimenez performed two surgeries on my left leg/ankle and put together a total of six fractures and breaks in three different bones. His expertise was a key factor in allowing me to be able to walk today without crutches or other walking aids. I will always be grateful to him and his staff for their exceptional performance. –Robert 11.2017

• Dr. Jimenez performed total hip replacement for me. I couldn’t walk without pain and am so happy with this replacement. Dr. and his staff were very professional and helpful in making this decision. He is an excellent and very caring doctor! -11.2017

• I was taken to Lutheran General Hospital for emergency hip surgery. Fortunately Dr. Jimenez was available as my doctor. What started as a frightful experience resulted in a pleasant and successful outcome. –Thomas 11.2017

• I had first surgery made in the May 2016 by Dr. Matthew Jimenez on my right shoulder due Rotator cuff tear after fall down on the street .Surgery was successful done without complication , My arm is free from pain and 100 % mobility, thanks for his excellent skill experience ,professionalism and rehabilitation team . In strict confidence I came back again to Dr. Jimenez in April 2017 for surgery Carpal tunnel . I highly recommend Dr. M. Jimenez and his very friendly and competent staff. –Jolanta 11.2017

• Dr. Jimenez is a superior surgeon. Over 16 years I have had both hips replaced and one revision by Dr. Jimenez. These operations performed by Dr. Jimenez improved my quality of life. I would recommend Dr. Jimenez to any patient considering hip replacement without reservation. -11.2017

• He replaced my completely destroyed hip (motorcycle accident) and thanks to him I am not stuck in a wheelchair. Very good doctor. –Joe 11.2017

• Dr. Jimenez, He is the best, He repaired the torn cartilage in my knee. Relieved me of pain I have for years, limping around on gimpy knees. -11.2017

• He is very kind and very competent!! He repaired my Mom’s fractured femur , she broke it in 5 places and she is 92 yrs old. She is walking with a walker and are so very fortunate that he took her as a patient. Thanks to him and all of his staff at IBJ and Lutheran General. All follow up visits have been so easy! –Mary 11.2017

• Thanks for everything Dr. Matthew Jimenez –Jozef 11.2017

• Very much. I thought Dr. Matthew Jimenez diagnosed the injury and repaired the injury surgically. I have never felt better and my knee is pain free. I hope it continues to be pain free. Plus getting the jell shots seemed to help even more. I have been walking and riding a bike without any pain. –Mark 11.2017

• Dr. Jimenez did and excellent job at a Hip Replacement on surgery one and then surgery two of a femur fix on my 87 year old mother. She recovered great. His assistants were very caring and gave great personal attention pre and post surgery. I always felt like we were in the loop. -11.2017

• Fabulous! In April I fell and besides other breaks, I broke my pelvis in 5 places! Dr Jimenez miraculously put it back together. -11.2017

• Dr Jimenez performed multiple surgeries on me over the course of several weeks that I needed after falling nearly 3 stories. I am eternally grateful for the work he did on my hip, elbow, and forearm. These were complicated surgeries as evidenced by another area hospital sending me to be treated by him, despite being under their care. He exudes the confidence that I needed to feel comfortable going into each surgery yet his care and concern was there both for myself as well as my family. –Kevin 11.2017

• Doctor Jimenez is an excellent surgeon and clinician. My husband was involved in a train vs. bike accident which required 2 surgeries and weeks of rehabilitation. Doctor Jimenez saved my husbands arm. There is no one better than Doctor Jimenez !!! Thank you for your wonderful expertise !!! -11.2017

• My father asked me to write this testimonial as he is 80 years old and computers are just not his thing. The entire Mendoza family is very grateful to have had the honor to meet Dr. Jimenez as he has been a God send to our family. If it were not for him I would not have the honor of writing this testimonial he saved my dad’s life. My dad has had 2 surgeries done by Dr. Jimenez (’07/’17) one was an emergency due to a flesh-eating bacteria and were both successful! Great work & care. Thank You -7.2017

• I am walking straight again for the first time in many years. I always thought my painful slouch was caused by scoliosis, stenosis and herniated discs… problems I do have and have been degenerating over time. Meeting Dr Matthew L. Jimenez was a blessing. One look and he diagnosed my problem as an arthritic hip and recommended anterior approach total hip replacement surgery. I immediately scheduled a date. Dr Jimenez, his assistant Chelsey and his entire friendly, competent team. –Paul 5.2017

• I have been a patient of Dr Jimenez for quite some time now. Procedures he has performed on me, Carpal tunnel both hands… Knee replacement, my right knee is 140 degrees and I am pain free. And lastly, rotator cuff repair with bursitis excavation, I am pain free with 100% mobilty. I highly recommend Dr Jimenez, he as well as his staff are without measure. -Greg 8.2016

• When I started experiencing knee pain my doctor referred me to an orthopedic practice in Park Ridge. When I called the office, I was surprised to get an answering machine and I should have known then that something was wrong. They called me back 2 days later and I made an appointment. When I saw the doctor, he gave me a shot and sent me home – no ex-rays – and I was probably there for 5 minutes. The next day, Friday, I had extreme pain, called again and got the answering machine. They called me back on Tuesday and said they didn’t have any openings for a week. After I complained they gave me an appointment the next day and the doctor told me that he either got air in the shot or placed it in the wrong place. Again, I should have run but I didn’t, 4 visits later he told me I had a torn meniscus and would need an operation. After the operation, he told me I would have a healthy knee for years to come. I experienced pain in my knee every day for about 2 months before I called for another appointment and this time he told me I needed a knee replacement. What????? That is when I decided to finally find another doctor. Dr. Jimenez had operated, very successful, on my mom 20 years ago so I decided to see him and what a difference. His office is so professional, he is patient and kind and takes his time with you as well as explains everything to you. His office staff is wonderful as well, Chelsea and Bobby make you feel comfortable and are really a joy to talk too. Every time I call there Chelsea answers the phone and takes care of everything promptly and without delay. I haven’t had any pain in my knee and I only wish I had done this 5 years ago. So, don’t waste your time going anywhere else but Illinois Bone and Joint and see Dr. Jimenez and Chelsea because you will be in very good hands. –7.2017

• I am so very fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Matthew Jimenez. I had a full hip replacement and after just three weeks I was back at work full time! I spent two nights in the hospital and would have gone home after just one night, but due to my low blood pressure I spent another night. I experienced minimal pain, was walking the day after surgery (including doing stairs!). I was released without restrictions and had home physical therapy (3 times per week) for three weeks. I graduated from a walker after one week to a cane for two weeks and returned to work after just three weeks. My recovery has been very impressive and I owe it all to the fine care of Dr. Jimenez and his team of professionals. The pain I was experiencing prior to surgery is completely gone. I need to have my other hip replaced and am already making plans to schedule this with Dr. Jimenez soon. I would certainly tell anyone considering this surgery to see Dr. Jimenez for consultation. -7.2017

• Dr. Matthew Jimenez performed my right hip replacement in Sept. 2016. I could not be happier! I found Dr. Jimenez to be responsive and genuinely concerned with my progress every step of the way. I highly recommend him and his team. If you are considering joint replacement — you need to investigate the different approaches to the procedure and go with someone who is up to date on the latest advances. The anterior approach is the way to go and Dr. Jimenez and his team lived up to their reputations. I wish I would have done more research when I had my knee replacement 6 years ago. Had I known about Dr. Jimenez and his less invasive techniques — I would have had him do my knee replacement as well. Do the physical therapy — get up and get moving — and you’ll do fine! Dr. Jimenez and his team will take excellent care of you! -1.2017

• Dr. Jimenez is an expert and he and his caring staff (i.e. Chelsea) are not only the best in the business, they put the patient first and treat you like a family member. They explain everything, include you in every key decision, support your need for answers and discussion…and always get back to you. Most importantly, they have the expertise for surgery and joint issues.

We’re all busy people, but I have never felt rushed when I ask questions (a lot) and I always feel treated as if I am the most important patient they have. That’s a hard thing to find in today’s world. (My wife agrees).

So, I felt I should find the time to say thanks and to add our testimonial.

I’m in my 70s and I like to stay active. I am thankful to have had the help of Illinois Bone & Joint and Dr. Jimenez. His efforts allow me to continue to do the things I love to do. He knew how to rectify my pain (hip replacement) and developed the right physical therapy help post-surgery.

I am even walking straighter.

Thank you! -Jack E.  6.2016

• On 10/30/2014 I was in a horrific motorcycle accident resulting in multiple injuries including a shattered Pelvis and compound fib/tib fracture. I was taking to Dr.Jimenez from Good Shepard hospital and told if there was anyone who could save my leg it was him.The next morning he was in my room at Luthern General and he insured my wife and myself that he was going to do everything possible to help me and 18 months later he still is.I have had multiple surgeries and I am still having them and I couldn’t imagine them being done by anybody but him. No matter if its a visit to the office or a surgery  Dr. Jimenez impresses my wife and myself every time. Through out this entire journey we brag to everybody we come across to at the hospitals and rehabs that we have such a truly outstanding one of a kind surgeon. Its impossible to put into words the appreciation and respect we have for him. The man is a true hero and I’m extremely great full that he’s the one taking care of me.Another bonus in having Dr. Jimenez is being cared for by Chelsea when we go for office visits. My wife and I love her and couldn’t imagine not having her. She is such an outstanding professional and perfect choice for someone like Dr. Jimenez. I really can’t imagine not having these two on my side now and in the future. -Michael M.  6.2016

•I feel very fortunate that I had such a knowledgeable and competent trauma surgeon to help me overcome a devastating car accident. On Febuary 21, 2015, I was struck by an automoble as I walked across the street. At this time, I did not know what to expect or what the outcome of my injuries would be. Dr. Jimenez was thorough with his diagnosis and explained everything that I could expect with my future medical treatment. He was professional, kind, and always made sure that I had the best possible care. His medical staff was warm, friendly, and extremely supportive. I could not be more pleases with the outcome of my surgery and my future. I would highly recommend Dr. Jimenez and his wonderful medical team. -5.2016

• I dislocated/broke both arms/shoulders/chest/ribs. I had two ORIF’s, one hardware removal, and am having another hardware removal Friday. No one else would have been able to save my arms. My sockets FELL OFF and were shattered. He put me back together again, better than anyone else could, better than anyone thought he could. He is confident and even said he was so challenged with me. The wait time is long because he is thorough so expect that. Also, people calling him rude is untrue. He is assertive. He doesn’t take BS and just wants to explain his view. He was so caring for me during the whole process. I am only 32 so it is sad to lose function this young. His compassion is great. The staff was/is great. Always coming in to talk and catch up. He even had students help in the OR to learn how to fix traumatic breaks like mine. I felt better having a lot of people in the OR. Like a mini party, LOL. His office also set me up with Dr. Clay for pain management. They work together on my case. Very smart and professional while still being human and really feeling for you. Extreme cases, please see him. At least get a second opinion with him if you go somewhere else. We always say it was meant to be and that Dr. Jimenez is my angel! The first ER SENT ME HOME with no X-Rays. I went to LGH and luckily that is where I met Dr. Jimenez. So lucky. So thankful. -Shannon C.  5.2016

• I am very grateful to Dr. Jimenez and his totally awesome team for the excellent job they did replacing my left hip.He used the anterior approach which at time meant nothing, but proved to make all the difference in the speedy recovery that I experienced.His after care recommendation was great and I didn’t have to wait for follow-up appointments in his office.  -Robert H.  4.2016

• I visited Dr. Jimenez after receiving a report on him from someone whose judgement is sound in medical matters.  I had consulted with a doctor at Rush, hoping to get a resurfacing.  I was told I needed a full replacement, and when I asked about Anterior approach surgery, he said cutting hip muscles was not an issue.  I said thank you and good by.  Cutting hip muscles IS a big deal.  Dr Jimenez explained his approach, and I scheduled the surgery.  The surgery went well, and my aftercare was great.  I rehabbed at IB&J for two months, and continued on my own.  Five months later I went on a 40 mile bike ride on my road bike.  I got 30 years of my life back thanks to Dr Jimenez and his team. -Christopher L. 2.2016

• I am a patient of Dr. Jimenez due to a car accident in 1998. He repaired my pelvis and right hip. Everything healed wonderfully and I am able to walk with no problems. Luckily, I was able to have children. I had my girl, Averi, in 2001 and my boy, Preston, in 2003. My sister was not able to have children, so in 2013 I got the okay to be a surrogate for her. I was able to carry twins for her! The boys, Luke and Ryan, were born in 2014. If it wasn’t for Dr. Jimenez’s surgical expertise, our family would not have four miracles fulfilling our lives. I will forever be grateful to my favorite doctor, Dr. Jimenez! -Mandi F. 2.2016

• Dr. Jimenez gave me a second chance at living a quality life.  Since 2001 started to slowly suffer from arthritis. My hips were slowly deterorating as the pain was increasing and walking with double cane took a great effort. Quality of life and activities were diminishing.  As the years went by started to research hip replacement. The posterior method surgery my friends had was brutal and limited success, as one person walked sideways, another had pain. therefore, I kept dragging myself around.  Finally, found Dr Jimenez he was and few doctors performing the frontal surgery. Frontal surgery is less invasive, so decided to have both hips replaced. Dr Jimenez and his awesome team, set the dates of surgery.  Aug 2015 left hip, rehab.  Oct 2015 right hip. Success with surgery and NO PAIN.  I am enjoying my active and pain free life.  Again, thanks to Dr Jimenez and his AWESOME TEAM.  Chelsey is an added bonus.  She was skilfully arranging procedure schedules and details for success.    -Joseph S. 2. 2016

• Be prepare to talk to interns and wait at least an hour and a half to see the doctor for few seconds. -2.2016  *As an orthopaedic trauma surgeon there are occasions when a trauma may disrupt the schedule and the staff makes adjustments to give all patients the best care. We apologize if you didn’t feel satisfied with your appointment.

• After constant pain for many years I finally went to see Dr Jimenez. He showed me on the x-rays that my hips had zero cartilage. He told me he could fix me. After my left hip was replaced I played 36 holes of golf 30 days after the surgery. I had the right one done a year later and now I am totally pain free and can even run again. Thanks doc! -1.2016

• Dr Jimenez has operated on me several times- trigger finger releases, carpal tunnel each hand and the last surgery, knee replacement.  The range of motion in my knee is much better than it was prior to replacement.  I actually forget it was replaced. I highly recommend him.  Dr. Jimenez and his staff are without measure in my eyes. -Greg G. 11.2015

• My hip replacement was perfect and my life is mine again! He is skilled, prompt, reassuring, and delivers what is promised. plus he takes the guesswork out of recovery options. -10.2015

• I owe Dr Jimenez my life. Starting in 2007, I was in a wheelchair and walker, in severe pain and every doctor I went to said it was my back. Then, I found Dr. Jimenez. I had one hip replaced in 2007, and the second one in 2011. Now, I lost 25 pounds, have a personal trainer and am very active. He is kind, thorough, and compassionate. Please use him for your orthopedics concerns. Awesome surgeon! -9.2015

• I am very pleased with the care I receive and the encouraging words as I continue to see him. My accident that I had was very traumatic and it is amazing how I have improved thus far. Dr. Jimenez knows his work. I am also appreciative with the staff who are very helpful and kind while we wait for him and his report. Thank you for your service and all that you will continue to do for me while I am under your care. -Carol 8.2015

• Dr. J. Is nothing short of wonderful. I love him. He also is the only reason I am walking today. Because of Dr. Jimenez, I have my life back. I will forever be in his debt. His staff is also so wonderful. I love Brett and Chelsey. They brighten my day when I see them. Thank you Dr. J! -8.2015

• Dr. Jimenez is a highly professional and gifted specialist. I was blessed to met him. I had the total hip replacement  surgery at the end of May. I was impressed the great instructions and organization.  On the same day after surgery I was up and walking with out pain. The next day I took a long walk on the hall, climbing up and walking down one floor. Next day I left hospital and went on second floor by my self.  That was amazing at home I was walking with walker two weeks. Sometimes I forgot I had a such surgery. My friends were surprised. “Did you really had a hip replacement surgery?” -they asked.   After exact 2 month I was ready to go back to work with my children in Day Care, Ride a bike 8 miles, going to the gym and swimming.  Thank you Dr, Jimenez and his staff. -Danuta H. 8.2015

• I was deeply impressed by the HIGHEST quality of care I have received from check-in to check-out. Although everyone was very kind, I wanted to spotlight a few specific individuals. Chelsey on the nursing staff exemplified everything a nurse should be – diligant, vigilant, caring, personable, optimistic. In the stressfull hospital environment, that makes all the difference for a patient.  I’d also like to praise Dr Matthew Jimenez for his patient, well-paced, and extremely helpful and reassuring consult with me.  Absolutely Outstanding. A true uplift! Thanks to all for your peerless standards! -Dede S. 8.2015

• Dr. Jimenez performed my double knee surgery in May of 2004.  I could not have had a better experience even though we did both at one time.   His expertise, his bed side manner and his knowledge proved so successful at that time and continues even 11 years later. I have been with Dr. Jimenez all of these years for follow up every 6 months-to a year.  His skill remains unsurpassed.   It has been a pleasure to have Dr. Jimenez entrusted in my progress all of these years.  -Chris S.  5.2015

• Dr. Jimenez saved my life. In 1995 I was in a horrific car accident. I shattered my left pelvis and Dr. Jimenez put me back together. 20 years later my left pelvis was bone on bone and Dr. Jimenez and Dr. Brett put a new hip in just a couple weeks ago. I am very happy and very satisfied. I owe my life to Dr. Jimenez. I talk about Dr. Jimenez and his magic hands to friends and family all the time. Word of mouth is the best.  -Susan J.  5.2015

• In the summer of 1998, I suffered a ruptured Patella Tendon in my right knee while jumping for a alley-hoop pass playing basketball. I just happened to be playing in a park near Lutheran General Hospital where Dr. Jimenez works out of. This was the first major injury to my leg, so I was very nervous and skeptical about the surgery. Well, it’s 2015 and my right knee is still strong as ever! Thanks to Dr. Jimenez!  -Matthew H.  3.2015

• For six years, I struggled with horrendous low back & right hip pain, after injuring my back after trying to “get into shape” with a “professional” trainer, go figure.  Everything was thrown out-of alignment and over the years my right hip become frozen.  As a result, I couldn’t move without pain.  After years of chiropractic services, physical therapy sessions, and medications, my quality of life was comprised. The best decision that I ever made was to seek out the help and expertise of Dr. Jimenez.  Thank goodness! Dr. Jimenez and his staff were clear, concise, and caring in explaining all of my options. In June of 2013, I had an anterior hip replacement.  Pre-surgery instructions were explained in careful detail.  I had absolute confidence in Dr. Jimenez’s abilities.  He answered all of my questions in a competent and kind manner.  On the day of surgery, Dr. Jimenez was absolutely reassuring.  My family was very appreciative of how he spoke with them after my surgery, which went well.  I was up and walking within 2 hours of coming to my room.  My recovery included home physical therapy for two , follow up visits with Dr. Jimenez and 4 week of physical therapy with IBJI.  By the end of August, I was back to teaching Musical Theatre classes, directing plays for children and performing with NO restrictions.  Thanks to Dr. Jimenez I can do bell kicks, trenches, and quick steps with NO pain.  -Laural R.  3.2015

• Dr. Jimenez is an amazing man.He is a gifted surgeon.I was blessed that he was on duty the day I was brought into emergency.Thank God there are men like him that are interested in helping people I am soo glad I met him.He truly is an inspiration.Thank you Doctor thank you for putting me back together.And allowing me to live a normal life.Words can not describe my gratitude.  -David P. 2.2015

• I am 65 years old and shattered my femur(over 12 fractures).  When other orthopedic surgeons saw the x-rays, they said most likely I would never walk normally.  When other surgeons compare the pre-surgery and post-surgery x-rays, they say that it was an incredible surgery.  I have full use of my leg with no pain and no limitations. I walk normally, I play 18 holes of golf 5 times a week and I climb stairs easily.  He is one of the best trauma fracture surgeons in the country by my standards and by other surgeon’s standards.  Dr. Jimenez gave me back my lifestyle following what could have been a life altering accident.  – Sally C. 2.2015

• Am in my mid 80’s and in the past 6 years have had a hip and two knee replacements  done by Dr. . Jimenez.  I have sailed through these surgeries with comparative ease and pain free (for the most part) thanks to his marvelous hands.  I recommend him highly for his ability, his demeanor  and all around professionalism.  It is also a pleasure to see how neat and impeccably dressed he always is. – Stella T. 2.2015

• One of my other doctor replaced hip joints came out several times.  Dr. Jimenez replaced and repaired the joint comming in from the front to cut less muscle. After about four months I traveled to Peru and the Inca built structures of Machu Picchu. Much climbing of steps etc. were required to visit the ruin built in the fifteen hundreds. I enjoyed the exciting trip and came back in excellent shape.  I thank Dr.Jimenez for making this interesting trip possible for me and for the sucessful repair of my hip joint.  -Hiltrude S. 2.2015

• I am an avid skier and got myself into a terrible mess. I broke both my tibia and fibia with a compound fracture, meaning the bone came out of my leg. My injury required two surgeries and was so severe, I was told only three surgeons in Chicagoland were qualified to operate on me. Dr. Jimenez has been top-notch every step of the way for me. I cannot say enough good things about him. He is truly the best of the best. It has been a very rough 9 months for me since my accident, but I am now walking on my own and focused on a full recovery. If you are in a world of trouble and in need of first-rate care, he is your man! -1.2015

•  I had broken my tibia and fibula bones.  I needed surgery and luckily was referred to Dr. Jimenez.  It was a pleasure being his patient.  He is kind, professional, caring, knowledgable and devotes his time to your needs.  Chelsey is an added bonus.  She also listens and cares about you.  She was able to answer any and all of my questions.  The entire office staff is people friendly, phone calls are always returned.  You’ll never feel like your a bother or wasting their time.  -Barbara K. 1. 2015

• Dr. Matthew Jimenez probably saved my life. I was in a life threatening auto accident in 2009, which resulted in a shattered left pelvis and a severed artery. During my time at Lutheran General Hospital (LGH), I experienced two surgeries, significant blood loss, a medically induced coma, and several blood clots . My family was informed that the severed artery was discovered after a small piece of bone was removed in preparation for what was supposed to be a standard pelvic repair. I was told that when the fragment was moved it was “like a bomb exploding.” The surgery lasted almost seven hours. I was later informed by a member of the surgical team that Dr. Jimenez “kept his cool” and the team was eventually able to stabilize me. The second surgery to repair my pelvis was performed several days later. After three weeks on the trauma unit at LGH, I was transferred to a rehabilitation center. The care I received at the rehab center was superb, in part because the staff was aware of how Dr. Jimenez would react to an even minor departure from his recommendations. I was discharged from rehab after five weeks and finally returned home after almost nine weeks.


I am a pediatric psychologist and have worked with children, teenagers, and families for over 30 years. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most highly regarded medical personnel in the Chicago metropolitan area, and understand the importance of securing help from highly skilled, well trained professionals. Dr. Jimenez is a gifted surgeon and compassionate physician. It is humbling to know that I might not have celebrated my 25th year wedding anniversary in 2010, the 20th year anniversary of our practice, my younger daughter’s 20th birthday, or my older daughter’s college graduation, without Matthew Jimenez’s thoughtful, disciplined, and even courageous intervention. I recommend Dr. Matthew Jimenez to anyone in need of specialized pelvic surgery, whether the need is the result of a complex injury, or normal wear and tear.
– Ronald S. Dachman, Ph.D.

• I had arthroscopic on my right knee in 2013 by Dr. Jimenez The surgery was a great success except that the surgery revealed a bone on bone situation that required Dr. Jimenez to do injections for 18 months. On July 28th 2014 I had my right knee joint replaced. I was not prepared for the recovery. Even though Dr. Jimenez and his staff were very detailed in explaining the procedure and recovery. My first measurement for flexibility was 65 degrees. Dr. Jimenez told me on the first visit after surgery that even though I had scheduled rehab for 3 times a week that I needed to rehab on my own the other 4 days or I would not get back to were I was before surgery or get to were I wanted to be. Basically after surgery you cannot function on your own. I worked harder than I can remember and after 26 professional rehab sessions and 52 on my own home sessions my last measurement on Oct. 28 for my knee flexibility was 135 degrees.  My knee is great. I have been on ladders, mowed the grass, ran our snow blower (3 times in one week). I am still on my stationary bike a minimum of 8 minutes every single day.

The surgery changed my life for the positive and my appreciation for my surgeon.

Thank-you Dr. Jimenez and your staff. -Gary S. 1.2015

• Thanks, Doc, for reconnecting ‘them bones’ to ‘walk ’round’. I feel so much better! -Marilyn D-K, 1.2015

• Dr. Matthew L. Jimenez is a highly skilled Orthopaedic Surgeon who shows extraordinary compassion while succeeding against all odds, on cases too daunting for other top orthopaedic surgeons. I’m sharing my story so you will understand his remarkable skills, beyond compare.   I crushed and shattered both my tibia and fibula bones in my right leg over 3 years ago. I underwent emergency surgery and insertion of metal plates. I have been a Type I insulin dependent diabetic for 46 years and along with my age, healing and infection is always a challenge. Within two months I developed a raging infection in my leg that traveled to the bone, requiring the removal of the metal plates and removing some bone. At this point, my surgeon advised that my situation was beyond his skills and referred me to another top surgeon at a different practice. This surgeon performed two more surgeries and I endured multiple painful treatments over two years, only to find out I still could not walk and there was nothing more he could do to save my leg and amputation was his recommendation. He reviewed my case with a team of specialist who all concurred that amputation was the only option left.   This was devastating news and a life-changing event, so I did additional research and met with yet another top-rated surgeon at another practice. This surgeon reviewed all the xrays, test results, medical treatments and prognosis and said all indicated amputation was probably a reality, however, he wanted me to meet with one more surgeon, that very day, who has a history of performing miracles with cases that other top surgeons failed at. His name was Dr. Matthew Jimenez and he waited at his office, after hours, that very day, to meet with my wife and I. He did xrays and sat with us to discuss a treatment plan immediately. My first question was I going to lose my leg? I’ll never forget his response…“Heavens No” and I felt a sense of relief and trust from that very 1st visit. He performed one last surgery, reinstalled metal plates, added bone graphs, and my bone healed perfectly, Not only did he save my leg…he saved my life! I’m now walking, without any assistance, without any pain, and back at work. My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Jimenez first, which is why I’m sharing my experience with you so you will go to the very best…the first time. He is a miracle-worker!!!!! -Maurice M. 1.2015

• Dr. Jimenez has meant the world to me and my wife as we struggled with a very challenging injury about nine months ago.  I was in a nasty skiing accident in Montana, where I broke both my tibia and fibula.  The second required surgery was so specialized and technical that very few surgeons were qualified to do it.  Dr. Jimenez is truly an elite member of his profession.  He has given me the utmost attention and world class care through my recovery.  I am grateful to him, and his team, and am focused on making a full recovery.   Thank you! -Charles D. 1. 2015

• I was involved in very bad car accident and my pelvis was shattered. At first I was scared I won’t be able to walk normal again but then Dr. Matthew Jimenez came and said “don’t worry you will walk again I can fix you”. He was very calm and convincing. He made 3 very difficult surgeries. He made all of them outstanding! I saw the pictures of my pelvis before and after the surgeries and I can say Dr. Jimenez’s work is an art! I have bachelor in Archaeology so I know things about bones. My last surgery was 2 weeks ago, but I feel my pelvis and my leg so much better, I can move it which is the most important thing. Now everything I need is time to recover but I owe Dr. Jimenez everything. If it wasn’t for him probably I was going to use crutches for the rest of my life and I am only 24. Thank you! Thank you for being so nice to me and thank you for fixing me! -Yani T. 1. 2105

• Today is 2 weeks after my hip surgery. Mine was a difficult case which required technical expertise to restore me to my full capabilities. Dr Jimenez has given me back my ability to fully function. I am so happy with the results already.   My confidence has been restored and I know already that my hip is once again stable and that my life will be better than it ever was!  Thanks Dr. Matthew Jimenez you saved my hip! -Christina R. 1.2015

• I am a registered nurse and want to recommend Dr. Jimenez for any joint replacement. My entire experience was outstanding!  Within the past six months, I had a hip replacement due to a fall and  bilateral knee replacements due to osteoarthritis (wear and tear).  I had suffered over fifteen years with progressive and excruciating pain and bowing of my legs. I couldn’t wear pants, only long skirts to cover my legs. Grocery shopping was a joke and limited due to pain when I walked a short distance. Pain relievers did very little to control the pain, even though I had to resort to daily frequent use. My quality of life was severely restricted with my family and friends.  After surgery, my legs are straight now and I am even taller. I had no post op hip restrictions, because Dr. Jimenez is one of only a few doctors that is educated in this procedure – an anterior approach.  I move without any pain or restrictions. I can even dance with my beautiful grandchildren.  My post op rehab was at Glenview Terrace. A worthwhile and wonderful experience where I also lost 30 pounds with smart dietary choices.  I am still employed in a behavioral hospital, where I need strength and agility and no restrictions.  Dr. Jimenez is very knowledgeable, approachable, and my savior. He is truly a miracle worker.  I want to thank him and his staff for a life changing experience. -Jane Z. RN 12.2014

•Dr. Jimenez has been my treating orthopedist for the last 20 years. Never have I had an experience that has been less than wonderful. Dr.JImenez and his amazing staff have helped me every step of the way with my knees. I recommend him to the world. He walks into the room with a smile, sometimes bearded sometimes not. I prefer no beard. He is great and I am thankful for him. Dr. JImenez all the way!!!!! -12.2014

•Dr. Matthew L. Jimenez is a highly skilled Orthopaedic Surgeon who shows extraordinary compassion while succeeding against all odds, on cases too daunting for other top orthopaedic surgeons. I’m sharing my story so you will understand his remarkable skills, beyond compare. I crushed and shattered both my tibia and fibula bones in my right leg over 3 years ago. I underwent emergency surgery and insertion of metal plates. I have been a Type I insulin dependent diabetic for 46 years and along with my age, healing is always a concern. Within two months I developed a raging infection in my leg that traveled to the bone, requiring the removal of the metal plates and removing some bone. At this point, my surgeon advised that my situation was beyond his skills and referred me to another renowned surgeon at a different practice. This surgeon performed two more surgeries and I endured multiple painful treatments over two years, only to find out there was nothing more he could do to save my leg and amputation was his recommendation. He reviewed my case with a team of specialist who all concurred that amputation was needed and done quickly before the uncontrolled infection spread throughout my body. This was devastating news and a life-changing event, so I did some additional research and met with yet another top-rated surgeon at another practice. This surgeon reviewed all the x-rays, test results, medical treatments and prognosis and said all indicated amputation was a possible reality, however, he wanted to make an appointment for us to meet with one more surgeon, that very day, who has a history of performing miracles with cases that other top surgeons failed at. His name was Dr. Matthew Jimenez and he waited at his office, after hours, that very day, to meet with us. He did x-rays and sat with us to discuss a treatment plan immediately. My first question was I was going to lose my leg and I’ll never forget his response…“Heavens No”. He performed one last surgery, reinstalled metal plates, added bone graphs, my bone healed perfectly and he saved my leg! Today I’m walking, without assistance, without pain, and back at work. My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Jimenez first, which is why I’m sharing my experience with you so you will go to the very best…the first time. -Maurice M. 12.2014

•My mother suffered from a traumatic fall earlier this year, where she had fractures in bother her feet and spine. Dr. Jimenez performed surgery to fuse the metatarsal bone in her foot, he did a great job explaining what would happen during the procedure (drawing on the whiteboard). He is an amazing surgeon, who is very attentive to the needs of his patients . He did such great work that her foot had minimal scarring and pain. He treated my mother with such care, my family and I are grateful that he was the surgeon for our mother. -12.2014

•I had a hip replacement and was very scared going to have it, but Dr Jimenez reassured me he would leave me as good as new, which he did. I have been recommending him to all my friends and everyone I know that talks about any surgery. Dr. Jimenez is very smart and well educated and up to date with his surgical procedures. -12.2014

•Dr. Jimenez performed a partial right hip replacement and bilateral knee replacements. My post op was without any complications and I don’t have any pain. The whole experience was remarkable and I feel like a new person. -12.2014

•Dr. Jimenez repaired a hip pinning gone wrong with a total replacement. The results were amazing. His staff is very helpful. However, the wait time to see him is substantial, but tolerable. Have recommended him to many friends. -12.2014

• I was in a bus that hit a bridge pillar near Ohare Airport and was taken to Luthern Genreal Hospital for injuries suffered. I was dx with 7 broken bones including hip/tib/fib/ankle/arm. Dr. Jimenez was called and immediately took control of my case. The accident happened around 6am and Dr. Jimenez was in my room just after 11pm to discuss my case. My concerns about my case was quickly put to rest as Dr. Jimenez took his time to explain every injury and how he planned to eventually correct each. -12.2014

It has been four months since the acc. and while I’m still in a wheelchair I am progressing steadily and am expected to regain a measurement of improvement that Dr. J expected. I have been able to contact his office easily and receive missed calls return within and hour or so.  His staff is qualified caring and able to respond immediately to problems and needs I have.   I feel blessed to have Dr. Jimenez and his staff taking care of me through this difficult time. -William J. DC 12.2014

• I first met Dr. Jimenez about 15 years ago due to a work-related injury. I suffered multiple injuries, the worst being that my right leg was completely shattered from about the calf down. He performed some major reconstructive surgery on the leg, basically saving the leg. I learned later that if my injuries had happened only a few years earlier, I would probably have had my leg amputated. He did an amazing job with the reconstruction, and thanks to him, I’ve been walking under my own power ever since. The years did catch up to me, as did osteoarthritis. Just recently we decided to have my ankle fused due to my wearing down the cartilage and overall deterioration of the joint over the past 15 years. Not bad for a leg that might have been amputated. I’ve read that the success of fusions depends greatly on the skill of the physician performing them. I have no worries. Dr. Jimenez is unbelievably skilled. He is not only concerned about your injuries, but your daily life as well. He always takes the time to answer all of my questions, always asks about my home/work life, and always asks about my family. As you can tell, I hold him in the highest regard. He is an amazing doctor, a consummate professional and also a very nice guy! If you’re looking for the “right” orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jimenez is your man. -Miguel E. 12.2014

• All of the testimonials sum up my own testimonial and I was so fortunate to have been recommended by my physician to Dr. Jimenez. -Joyce P. 12.2014

• I had a hip replacement and was very scared going to have it, but Dr Jimenez reassured me he would leave me as good as new, which he did. I have been recommending him to all my friends and everyone I know that talks about any surgery. Dr. Jimenez is very smart and well educated and up to date with his surgical procedures. I give him 5 stars. -Julia 12.2014

• I have had two total hip replacements with Dr. Jimenez.  The first was on my right side in 2009 and the second on my left side this year, 2014, in May.  Both were successful and I would strongly recommend Dr. Jimenez for such surgery. More dramatically, were the procedures used.  My first was the traditional (rear incision) and the second was using the front access technique.  The second operation using this new technique was far superior in rehabilitation. I knew immediately the first time I walked from my hospital bed to the hallway that this was going to be so much easier.  I felt strong muscle movement from the very beginning and was walking up/down steps on the second day.  Upon leaving the hospital both I and my wife were very confident that I could go directly home.  I had a cane for about two weeks before it didn’t make sense to use it further.  I am 60 years of age and now having both hips replaced I feel like I have a new body and I am leading an active career.  Thankyou Dr. Jimenez! –Gabe K. 12.2014

• I fell on May 30, 2014. I found out that I had a compond fracture of my left femur & I had no idea how serious a trauma injury could be. I had surgery on Monday, June 2, 2014.  I feel that I was truly blessed to have Dr. Jimenez as my surgeon. I am certainly grateful for his ability as a surgeon. I am also grateful for his caring and compassionate mannerism.  My rehab included 7 weeks at Whitehall plus 3 months in a wheelchair.  Every time I met with Dr. Jimenez he was extremely courteous and patient in explaining why I needed to be exact in following his instructions.  Prior to this surgery I had both knees and my left hip replaced. I believe healing was completed because of Dr. Jimenez. –Donna K 12.2014

• I shattered my elbow and Dr. Jimenez repaired it perfectly.  My elbow has a plate and 7 pins in it, but it healed perfectly with no physical therapy required.  Several months after the surgery, I returned to my sport of football and have had no issues.  My family recommends Dr. Jimenez to anyone looking for an orthopedic surgeon. -Sam C. 12.2014

• After suffering a fall, two orthpaedic surgeons told me the injury was so bad they couldn’t perform the surgery to repair my shattered pelvis.  The told me of Dr. Jimenez.  He peformed surgery in January 2014 and the outcome has been wonderful. He is a skilled surgeon at the top of his game. His staff at IBJI are wonderful.  They are quick to return phone calls and answer any questions quickly.  I have no hesitation in recommeding Dr. Jimenez to anyone considering any ortopaedic surgery.  He is an extremely skilled surgeon who is very kind and compassonate. -Barbara B 12.2014




• On Feb. 13, I tripped over an exercise step and partially fractured my right femur.  At the hospital the Dr. said I had two options – pinning or replacement.  The pinning sounded less invasive, so that was done.  However, after several weeks I was still experiencing pain, despite rehab and PT, and I asked another Dr. I was seeing about another matter if the hip could be X-rayed.  That was done, and the X-rays showed the pins were not aligned. I don’t know why, when or how it happened.   Fortunately, the Dr. was part of ILBJ and suggested I see Dr. Jimenez, who I learned specialized in fixing procedures that go wrong.  I was lucky to see Dr. Jimenez that day, and when he saw the X-rays, he said, “Oh my goodness, who did this to you?  You need to go into surgery tomorrow!!”  So, that night, I went to Lutheran General, had the surgery the next day, and was up walking immediately.  Went through a second rehab and PT, but with MUCH better results.  As others have noted, an anterior incision was made, which helped speed up recovery.  It is now 7 months later, and I’m walking even better than I was before.  I’m more conscious of my posture and balance, and feel sooooo much better.  Thanks to Dr. Jimenez, Chelsea, and everyone who worked with me from the start.  You can’t do any better than them.  -Judy G. 12.2014

• I can’t begin to express my gratitude to Dr.Jimenez.  After suffering a serious break in my leg at work I was lucky enough to see him in the ER at LGH.  Once I was admitted, he or a member of his staff visited me every day. as soon as it was possible he performed the surgery, assisted in helping me find an appropriate rehab center, and has kept in constant contact with me, my therapist, and my employer. While I still have a few months of therapy to go, I feel and get better every day!  Dr. Jimenez has always been encouraging, up front, and honest.  I knew from the start I had a long journey to recovery and how we would take that journey.  I really feel he and his staff have been with me every step of the way.  I cannot thank Dr. Jimenez and his staff enough!  -Fred C. 12.2014

• I have been a patient of Dr. Jimenez since 2004 which I was injured on a vacation.  He was not the doctor I had been recommended, but he was the one who was able to see me on short notice. I saw him on Tuesday and he performed surgery on Friday. I can not be more pleased with Dr. Jimenez and Illinois Bone & Joint.  I have since had the need for 4 surgeries and he has treated me each time.  I have referred several friends to Dr. Jimenez.  -Timothy R. 12.2014

• Dr. Jimenez has been extremely patient and kind through the process of getting my knees to work. He has taken time to explain the options I have. At a time where doctors put you in and out of their office, he has always taken the time with me. He did arthroscopic surgery on me  Before my surgery, my knee just didn’t work. It now works perfectly.  The people that work with him have been fabulous and caring also.  I highly recommend Dr Jimenez. -Teri O. 12.2014

• Dr. Jimenez has treated me for the past 17yrs. for various work related and personal medical issues. I have recommended Dr. Jimenez to many family members and friends. No one has ever been disappointed with Dr. Jimenez. -11.2014

• Dr. Jimenez repaired an old fracture for me, succeeding where others had failed. He is brilliant, creative, empathetic, and cutting-edge, and his staff is helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. -10.2014

• My experience was good. I generally don’t like going to the doctor, but this time it was tolerable. He has lots of staff and training doctors buzzing around. The lobby wait was long, but there is good and, more importantly, coffee. I got my X-ray an MRI on the same day in the same building, but had to wait until the afternoon. It’s a whole day process, but worth it. This IBJI is a big place, and sort of intimidatiting, but I know these guys are good. -10.2014

• Dr. Jimenez has now replaced both my hips and knees. I can finally walk without pain. I have trusted him with my life 4 times now. He has been so good to me. -10.2014

• A few years ago I knew I was in need of arthroscopic knee surgery.  I was referred to the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute by my Orthopedic Dr.  I scheduled the first available appointment and fortunately it was with Dr. Jimenez.  I immediately felt comfortable with his calm, kind and professional demeanor.  He took his time explaining the results of my MRI and answered all of my questions.  At the end of the appointment, he shook my hand, smiled and assured me I would be back to my workout routine in no time.  Prior to surgery he came in the room and told me approximately how long the surgery should be.  In the recovery room he greeted me at bedside with a smile, patted my arm and told me the surgery went well and that he would see me at the follow-up appointment. During the past few years I have received knee injections and become familiar with Dr. Jimenez’s staff, previously Dana and more recently, Chelsea.  Both outstanding and personable. I am now reaching a point where I will be looking at both of my knees needing surgery in the near future.   I am comforted in the fact I have a reputable. compassionate and empathic surgeon that will assist me through this process. I work in the healthcare field and firmly believe that excellent care begins with a solid relationship between patient and physician. Dr. Jimenez is the epitome of that belief!-Kim C. 7.2014

• Five years ago today (4/1/2009) Dr. Jimenez repaired a demolished labrum in my left shoulder.  During our initial meeting he asked me what I wanted to be able to physically do for the rest of my life using this shoulder.  I answered with two things: I wanted to paddle a kayak again (I hurt myself while kayaking) and I wanted to be able to carry and play with my grandkids (at the time, my oldest had just gotten married … I had no grandkids, but I was optimistic).  I have not been in a kayak, yet, but today, I have three grandkids, and I play with them as much as I can!  There is no pain and no limit to my range of motion.-Ed 4.2014

• It doesn’t seem like thanks is enough. Without the skills of Dr. Jimenez, the Michelle Munson Physical Therapy Office(Delnor Affiliated), and the staff of both of these practices, I wouldn’t be walking today. I suffered a grade IIIB Open Tibial Fracture on 12/15/2012. Two surgeries followed. Within a year(I’m sure everyone’s recovery rate is different) I was walking, and even at the gym(I have always been very active so the thought of being physically limited for the rest of my life was daunting to say the least). As long as you do what they tell you, don’t rush the recovery, and keep a positive attitude, good things happen. : ) Thank you Dr. Jimenez(and staff), Michelle Munson(and staff), and IBJI! -Wallace B 3.2014

• I want to thank him for his work 5 years ago that led directly to my great quality of life today!

Dr. Jimenez took on my case when two other doctors were suggesting amputating my leg. He cured the infection and healed the bone. The surgery was challenging and it seemed like forever before my leg mended, but now I have my leg. I can never thank that man enough. -Mark 2.2014

• Dr. Jimenez is such a nice man. He answered all my questions and spent lots of time with me. I love his staff also, especially Chelsea. He did an anterior hip approach on my for my bad arthritis. I can finally walk again. I just wanted to play with my grandchildren, and now I can. Thanks Dr. J! –Mary 12.2013

• I just want to take a moment to thank IBJI and specifically Dr. Matthew Jimenez. I live in NC and contracted osteomyelitis in my tibia when NC ortho docs at Duke placed dirty metal in my leg. (They did the same thing to my dad and my dad died of sepsis from OM). I could not get care for years because Duke convinced Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic and UNC that I didn’t need medical care. UNC said I did not have OM. They charted that I have Munchausen!

A month later (May 2012) I was back in my adopted home of Chicago and met with Dr. Jimenez for the first time. I thought he was going to say I had Munchausen too. I was scared. Dr. Jimenez said “whomever told you that you do not have OM lied to you.” Within weeks, I had the first of several surgeries by Dr. Jimenez. This was after 12 years of crippling poor orthopedic surgery, cancer and osteomyelitis. I spent 3 months in Morton Grove. Alone. No family. But I always felt safe with Dr. Jimenez at the helm. By Summer 2013, I was doing mini tri-athalons!  -C.H. 12.2013

• Dr. Jimenez called me while on his vacation and talked to me for 25 minutes about my mother’s case (new patient for him). I have never encountered another doctor so caring and generous with their time, especially for a new patient he has never met yet. He is very knowledgeable and explained things very well. I wish more doctors were like him. He is a gem. -6.2013

• I had both my hips replaced by this doctor. They were both done in the same week. I can walk fine now. I was back to work supper quick. He did a good job. I’m very pleased. I like Lutheran hospital also. They have good people there. The wait time in his office was longer than I would have liked. –R.P. 5.2013

• Dr. Jimenez replaced my hip with a new approach. He made a little scar on the front of my hip. They don’t have to cut any muscles these days. It’s a new way. Any way, I could walk right away, that day. I was in the hospital only one day, then went home. He was so sweet with me. I really like his staff, Dana and Amy. Thanks doc! –Kelly 2.2013

• Dr. Jimenez was so nice to me. He gave me my hip replacement with a new minimal invasion surgery.I can finally walk again. I love him and his staff. I told all my friends and family to see him.Thanks Dr. J! -11.2012

• Dr. Jimenez was the only surgeon in my area on the North Shore I could find that does minimally invasive hip replacement surgery.The scar was tiny, and I now walk with no limp and no pain. He was so good to me. I love Dana and Amy (His doctor helpers). I send all my friends and family to him.Thanks Dr. J! -11.2012

• Dr. Jimenez and his staff were so good to me. They answered my questions, and were available after hours when I had them paged. The surgery didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. I can ski again and play sports like I used to. Great experience.

• Dana and Amy work with Dr. Jimenez. They are so kind. I always leave feeling better than when I arrived

• Dr. Jimenez and his team treated me with respect and kindness. They explained the plan of care every step of the way, and my knee works as good as it did prior to the cartilage tears. I am playing soccer with my kids again. Great experience

• I was transferred from Wisconsin to Lutheran General Hospital for Dr. Jimenez to fix my broken pelvis. The doctors at the first hospital said he was the expert for my problem. When I met him, I knew they were right. He operated on me and made me whole again. Thanks Doc!

• Dr. Jimenez replaced my Mom’s hip. She got better right away and is walking fine. I really liked his office staff and the way he coordinated my Mom’s other doctors. He was so nice to her.

• Dr. Jimenez took great care of me. He operated on my arthritic knees and gave me new joints so I can now play with my grandkids. The people in his office were nice. He saw me daily in the hospital and spent lots of time with me. I tell all my friends about him

• I have arthritis through most my joints. Dr. Jimenez replaced my knee joint. It works real good now. No pain. I am happy I found him. He is a nice man.

• Dr. Jimenez gave me two new knees after I saw several rheumatology doctors who could not help me. They work great. He is a nice man and his staff members are very kind. I would send all my friends to him.

• I crashed my pedal bike and broke my elbow, wrist, and knee cap. I saw one doctor who said I would never be the same again. I got a second opinion from Dr. Jimenez who said he could get me back to the old me…and he did. He gave me hope in the beginning and then delivered on his promise.

• I crashed my motorcyle riding in the rain. I felt so stupid for making that mistake. He put me back together again and helped me through my depression. A super nice doctor. I was lucky to find him. I walk without any kind of limp and I ride again (I hope he doesn’t read this…I said I was giving up the motorcycle). Thanks Dr. J!

• Great guy. So nice to my Mom. He made her whole again. – Tina M

• I fell 32 foot through a roof and the first hospital didnt know what to do. I shattered my hip and broke my back. He put me back together and I have done better than expected. Other doctors I have seen are intrigued by the hardware and reconstruction. He might come off as hard to deal with at times, but he is a great doctor and is out for the patient.

• This man saved my life. At 21 I had major pelvic fractures and he reconstructed my entire pelvis. I can only describe him as an artist. He looks at the situation at hand and like an artist, meticulously sculpts you as if you were a masterpiece and builds you back up again. He honestly is the best of the best. One would think since he is incredible in his field that he would be somewhat intimidating or rude, but he is far from it! He is confident, professional, easy to talk to, you can tell he cares a great deal about his patients. He is wonderful and I would trust him with my life 100 times over.

• I have had 8 procedures on my hands, carpal tunnel and trigger finger release. Dr Jimenez and his staff are without measure! Thank You!